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New regulation on the ChildCare First-aid-Kit

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Why should I buy a first-aid kit?...because I don't want to be disadvantaged !
Adventure-Sport first aid kit with its fast-clip belt
Adventure-Sport first aid kit with its fast-clip belt
CPR pocket mask with oxygen inlet, oneway valve and case
Laerdal Heartstart on site defibrillator
Personal first-aid kit in a red nylon pouch
The content of the personal first-aid kit in a plastic case
Vacuum sealed latex gloves!
Laerdal FRX defibrillator
First-aid vest
The content of the workplace first-aid kit
Pairs of latex gloves vacuum sealed
Laerdal FR2 defibrillator
Survival kit in case of sinister
A complete survival kit in case of sinister.
Workplace first-aid kit with metal case
Planche dorsale en polyéthilène de Ferno
CPR face shield and gloves in a black pouch and key ring.
CPR face shield and gloves in a black pouch and key ring.
Wall mount eye wash station
Ferno head immobiliser
Sam Splint
Construction site first-aid kit
Construction site case
Ferno backboard fastrap
Stainless steel paramédic scissor 41/2 in.
Adhesive bandage 3/4 x 3 latex free.
Eye loop and magnet to remove mobile foreign object in the eyes.
Ferno stretcher
Stainless steel sharp splinter forcep 1/2 inch
Sterile Gauze pads 4 x 4
Car seat belt cutter
Adult Cervical collar ajustable in 4 positions.

...In case of sinister, I order my survival kit
IS YOUR FAMILY READY FOR THE FIRST 72 HOURS OF A SINISTER ?A survival kit in case of sinister!This survival kit is compact and easy to carry!We better be prepared!Trousse de survie routière qui peut vous sauver la vieIS YOUR FAMILY READY FOR THE FIRST 72 HOURS OF A SINISTER ?
The role and responsibility of the citizen in case of sinister !
Quebec ministry of Public security.

FMCQ logo.Slide show screen shot.Slide show screen shot concerning confined area.Slide show screen shot.
Opening the airways at the ABC stepHands position in the middle of the sternum at the CPR manoeuvre.Chest compression at a rhythm of 30 fast compressions and 2 breaths !Breathing the victim at the CPR manoeuvre

First-aid is...
...very often a very small gesture which can save a life
or prevent a minor wound from worsening!!

Test your knowledge in Fisrt-Aid
An original gift idea, useful and extremely appreciated:
Slide-show learning about the First-aid and the CPR on CD
The slide-show "A training for life"

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